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Buying or selling a home may be one of the biggest financial decision any person will ever make, so if they decide to use a real estate agency for the purchase or sale of a property, they will choose very wisely!

Short answer: YES! Real estate agencies really need a website!

According to recent studies; searching for real estate related information on the internet has become an important part of the home buying/selling process. Whether it is to find an agent, view listings or educate themselves about real estate, buyers and sellers are exploring online content more frequently to find what they need.

Having a personal website as a real estate agent allows you the opportunity to explain your expertise,qualifications, build your own brand, show off the service you offer and ofcourse generate leads!

Finding the right website for your real estate agency can be really overwhelming.
NTL can offer you many customized features for your website that match your needs and help you get more prospective clients!

To sum up here are some reasons why you need your own website as a real estate agency:

1. Generate quality leads
2. Media consumption habits has changed
3. Makes you more credible in the market
4. The days of conventional marketing are fading fast
5. Helps build your location Authority
6. Build a mailing list
7. Brand yourself and stay up to date
8. Educate your clients
9. Real estate market is dominated by digital-savvy millennials
10. Target particular categories ( geographic locations, lifestyle…)
11. Enhance marketing

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