Art galleries’ websites have become more common in recent years, especially as more people are gaining access to online technology and face-to-face interactions are becoming more limited. With the Internet, it has become easier for artists to reach out to their target audiences and publicize their endeavors.

With the art industry’s changing needs, a website gallery is becoming more and more critical, not only for displaying work, but also for selling products and services and earn money!

So how important is a website – and online presence – for every Art Gallery business and each Artist ?

1- A website help develop your brand and get your name known!
2- Before making an investment, collectors screen an artist’s work online (who is the artist? What else have they produced? Where have they exhibited?)
3- Galleries now screen artwork online rather than portfilios.
4- Art can be sold directly from your website ( bigger market!)
5- A website helps the artist look professional!

So, how does NTL  build you a professional website?

• We get your own domain name! This simple act of having a domain name with your own name will help you look more professional than someone who doesn’t!

• We help you get an amazing Logo!

• NTl create simple but yet impressive professional website

• We make sure your website include all the basics ( your name, how to contact you, currect informarion about your art gallery)

Image size and quality is very important in your business! Our experts in this field will help you display good sized images of artworks on your websites!

• NTL team check out the speed of your website and improve it if needed

• Our team can regularly update your site and keep it updated!

• We make sure your website navigate as simply, easily on phones as it does on computers (mobile friendly)

• You can choose to link your website to all your social media pages! So that visitors can move freely between them.

•  And alot of other services! Contact NTL OF NYC to learn more!

Still not sure the right step for your online business?

get your FREE! 45 minute consultation session to discuss strategies and execute plans to emerge in the online world . This session will include web development, SEO, customized integration with work flow and how your current business will be represented online .

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