Google Review QR Code embedded in the "clean" Google Review Business Card.

Facilitate effortless Google reviews with our “Clean” Google review business cards. Their sleek design complements any business, offering a convenient means to amass new Google reviews. These compact business cards prove ideal for those frequently on the move, such as craftsmen and salespeople.

Discover how our Google review business cards can streamline the review process:

  1. Eliminate discomfort and requests – simply hand over the card. The call-to-action does the rest.
  2. Ensure reviews are never forgotten, as customers are prompted to leave Google reviews.
  3. Simplify the process – the QR code provides direct access to your review form.
  4. Tangible representation – our business cards make Google reviews a tangible experience.
  5. No additional app required – the QR code easily scans with any smartphone camera.

Rest assured, we handle the creation and linking of the QR code for direct evaluation on your Google profile. We extract this information directly from your company address for your convenience.

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The review QR code for your product is created by us, based on your business information (business name and location) that you can enter above. You dont need to link your profile or upload your own QR code. 

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