Have you ever driven your truck in unsafe winter conditions? Chances are you have, but for those who haven’t, running into icy roads, freezing rain, and white-out conditions during heavy snowstorms can quickly become treacherous. As we approach another winter season we’d like to share with you our tips for safe winter truck driving.

11 Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

So what should you keep in mind when driving a truck or semi-truck in the winter snow? And what should every truck driver have? Here are our top 11 winter driving tips for truck drivers to keep you safe through the snowy season.

1. Be Prepared For Your Trip


Winter truck driving means being prepared, such as , keeping an emergency kit to make your winter travels safer.Emergencies can and will arise and the extra preparation will see you through those moments. Here are the key items we recommend you add to your emergency kit:

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