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Please note that our service provides access to publicly available load boards from brokers in the industry. We offer a convenient portal that consolidates the information from various sources, allowing you to view the available loads all in one place. However, it is important to understand that we do not create or control the content on these load boards. We act solely as a facilitator, offering easy access to the information already made publicly available by brokers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the load board data. The responsibility for verifying the details of each load, including availability, requirements, and compensation, lies with the respective brokers. Please proceed with the understanding that we are solely providing access to publicly available load boards, and all transactions and interactions are the responsibility of the involved parties.

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Movers of USA's Public Board Portal brings all the broker boards in one place, making it easier for moving companies to find and grab the jobs they need to fill up their trucks. With over 100+ active pickup jobs available, it's a game-changing opportunity for moving companies to boost their business. To join and apply for access, simply click on the link provided.

Disclaimer: By accessing our portal, you will have the ability to view and access various publicly available load boards from brokers in the moving industry. Our platform aims to provide a convenient and centralized location where you can find up-to-date load information and contact details.

Please note that while we make efforts to regularly update and add new boards to our portal, we cannot guarantee the availability or frequency of these updates. The addition of new boards is subject to their availability and public accessibility.

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📍Movers of USA 🗺️™️ 1500 × 375 px 7 - NTL OF NYC
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