As long as people use electricity, electricians will always be needed in the global economy. Meanwhile, in today’s world, people who browse the internet will only trust electricians who have great websites.

Technology has greatly impacted the lives of many people and their choices! Unfortunately, some electricians still relay on the traditional advertising and word of mouth to attract new customers.

With this article small business owners, specially electricians will realize that they are ignoring one of the most powerful tools available to attract new customers, keep their existing ones and even get more revenues!

Why every electrician needs a website?

1- As of 2021, “99% of costumers have used the internet to find information about a local business in the last year ” According to this percentage, when people in your city want to hire an electrician, they
don’t go to the Yellow Pages or call a friend like they used to. Instead, they search Google for electricians and hire the ones they find

2- Your reputation is based on your website
Every business owner with no online presence should consider the possibility that review sites like Yelp are already talking about their business (whether it’s positive or negative).

NTL team believes it’s important to describe your services in your own words, rather than someone else’s. by having a simple website, it will give a significant impact on your business. Specially on how your potential customers view your service! Remember: First impression count.

3- Provide Information
Since the service you provide as an electrician have a lot of frequently asked questions, a website is an amazingly effective tool that delivers information on demand. Just having your information on the website makes it easy to qualify serious prospects and bring them closer to the sale.

4- Show the value of your work and your expertise; If you want to be the electrician people choose to hire, your website is their
gateway to decide if you’re the best option. So, show them why you’re better than your competitors. One way of doing this is highlighting the qualifications
you have, and any areas you specialise in.

NTL can offer you the following services;

  • Domain Name
  • Quality Business Logo
  • Home Page
  • Clean Website Layout
  • Contact Information on every page
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – to gain more traction
  • Testimonials Page. This is where previous customers can rate your
    services and leave comments about the work you did for them.
  • We can add features that make your work easier. For example: Live chat, Social media integration
  • Other Services

NTL is a company that has over a decade of experience building top quality websited for any business imaginable. Our experts can build a complete professional website for you and assist you with all of your marketing needs.

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