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With years of experience working with moving companies, we have concluded that to ensure the growth of your moving business, you need to have a constant flow of leads and a high conversion rate. 

We at NTL understand very well that generating leads for moving businesses requires a layered approach that combines several marketing tactics and website optimization (SEO).

1- Starting with SEO:

A moving company that ranks on the first page of Google or Bing gets a significant amount of sales leads. At NTL, we offer SEO – search engine optimization as a service to movers of all sizes and markets.
Check out the importance of SEO here: Why Is SEO important.

2- Not only SEO is important to generate leads

but also SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which simply means using paid ads to generate moving leads to your company website therefore to your movibg business.

3- Social Media Marketing for Movers:

The use of social media is one of the primary means for influencing consumers. Whether you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn.. any social media activity can prove beneficial for moving companies and secure new customers.

Social media lets you target different income levels, interests, zip codes and addresses, people who are traveling, and so much more! NTL will help you get leads through social media just by attaching a few images of your movers, an offer, and a bit of our team creativity. With professionals help we expect you to reach thousands of people in your market at a low cost!

4- Business Listing and Reviews:

As people trust online reviews, businesses nowadays have to put more effort into their public profiles. Always remember that people respond well to the words and opinions of others; therefore, adding your business to business listings websites increases your likelihood to attract more customers and gives you a higher chances of converting leads into moving jobs.

5- Direct Mails:

A local listing aggregator compiles a list of prospects by scanning the local listings for people selling their homes. You can reach out to local companies that perform these services or contact proven companies like Network Moving.

As a final note, the combination of all the marketing strategies discussed here is the best solution for generating leads for moving companies. Generating leads does require effort, but the results are well worth it. Contact NTL of NYC to get more help!

Lead generator - NTL OF NYC
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