As a moving company, your website’s goal should be to generate moving leads. You can do this by creating an engaging online experience for your potential customers.

NTL strategy for moving companies website is simple! We follow these steps:

1. Ensure quality leads are generated.
2. Lead the prospect through a “sales funnel” without them being aware. We help you achieve that by encouraging them to navigate your website and eventually to complete a contact or quote form.
4. Utilize contact forms or quote forms to collect prospects’ information.
5. The site should be engaging through different means: colors, branding, easy navigation, etc.
6.  Show the customer what they’re looking for first: display the important information.
7. Improve “user experience” with NTL; We  make your website memorable and build brand awareness.
8. SEO: Search engines are taken into consideration when we develop: we design in a way that is authorirative by search engines.
9. Mobile friendly: The websites we build are mobile-responsive, which means your website will look great not only on desktops, but also on smartphones, tablets, and all other mobile devices.

We think these are important tips for every moving company when they look for website developers:

– NTL team think that a moving company need a web designer who is experienced with moving and storage websites. 
The website is the showroom for modern moving companies. With the short attention span of modern consumers and fierce competition, a professionally-designed and coded website is an absolute necessity.

– We always aim to create a user-friendly, engaging website. But along with this, we also encourage our clients (moving companies) to include photos of their crew and trucks. This step gives visitors confidence that you are a reputable company with trustworthy employees.

If you are a moving company, an investment in a strong online presence is going to be the single must effective way to earn new customers. If you dont have a website yet, make sure to contact our professional team: NTL OF NYC

Check how to start a moving business in 10 steps: https://www.freshbooks.com/hub/startup/start-a-moving-business

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Lily Aldrin